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Real Space Technologies

Outsource Accounting Services

Our professionally qualified experienced accountants will come to your premises and handle all your accounting and bookkeeping works in your office.

We will make daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly visits as your need. We will provide you all necessary reports and advices as management's requirements.

All type of accounting including

  • Real time accounting, batch system accounting, job costing,
  • Head office and branch accounting, chain business accounting,
  • Perpetual accounting and stock integrated accounting,
  • Industrial accounting and services accounting,
  • Payroll accounting and quantitative accounting
  • Manual driven and virtual accounting & book-keeping services,
  • Management accounting and internal control systems...

Our client can depends on us for his business accounting needs and we are always there to guide and mentor in all portion of their business financial and internal control matters.

Our accounting system designed for the client is based after considering all aspects of their business and accounting needs and our analytical knowledge and procedures adopted for our valued client.

Commitment is a key component for on-going relationship with our valued client which can never be compromised. 

 Our consistent accounts supervision for our client guides for clear financial picture of business performance which leads to prompt decisions and success of business.  

Why Out-source Your Company Accounting Functions with Real Space Technologies?

1. Without hiring full time or part time accountant, get the professional accounting services from our professional accounting experts.
2. Minimize your expenses by eliminating your personnel cost such as salary, allowances, gratuity and recruitments expenses by outsource your accounts with us.
3. Focus on your management matters and allocate more time for management by outsource your accounting tasks with us.

What are the output reports you will get from "Out-sourcing of Accounting & Bookkeeping"?

Includes: Journal entries preparation, Posting of journal entries, Posting of Revenue / Sales, Posting of Receipts, Posting of Payments, Posting of Purchase Invoices, Petty Cash Accounting, Posting of material issued, Posting of material received, Projects Accounts, Administration and general expenses, Fixed assets, depreciation, Banks reconciliation, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable reporting, Credit and debit adjustments, Monthly Trial Balance reporting, Yearly Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account, Cash Flow Statement, Payroll accounting,

Now is the time to Contact Real Space Technologies LLC and sign up for these services!!!

It is so easy; just contact one of our Sales Consultants, who will guide you through the initial procedures. Our fees, which are very competitive, will be based on the volume of transactions / accounting papers.

Service Packages

Package 1 In-house

We shall handle your accounting and book-keeping "in-house" (in our office) and we will provide you with monthly or any other report(s) whenever required.

Package 2 at Your Office

We shall handle your accounting & book-keeping at your office premises. We will make weekly, monthly and/or quarterly visits to do the work.

Package 3 Year-end Closing

On receipt of your yearly accounting documents, our team can finalize year-end closing.

Package 4 Customized Book-keeping

We can customize a book-keeping / accounting plans or procedures suit to your business needs.

Package 5 Training of general computer operator for Book-keeping

For medium and small size business concerns, we can train one of your staff members, which can operate computer for book-keeping / accounting data entries that is suit to your business needs.

About Us

Real Space Technologies LLC is a leading provider of innovative IT solutions to corporate and public-sector customers, with special expertise in select markets. The company uses technology — including hardware, software and services — to help customers resolve their most complicated IT needs. The company possesses expertise in enterprise architecture and high availability, infrastructure optimization, storage and resource management, identity management and business stability; and provides in specific software, services and expertise to the retail and hospitality markets.

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