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Restaurant Point of Sale Software


Real Space Technologies LLC Dubai have designed Business Trake POS Restaurant in such a manner which is user friendly and your restaurant staff can easily comprehend, understand & utilize in placing orders and for the senior managerial staff to keep a check on the issued orders and quick compliance of the orders. Right from taking orders, placing the order in queue, engaging every segment into loop e.g inventory, consumable stores, time management for every order at every step , in such a manner that within most minimum time, the ready order reaches the customer , in all its perfection. Business Trake POS Restaurant – software is customized in such a way that it keeps interactive everyone in the loop, also the monitoring can further trigger the speed which is key success factor, besides other aspects.

Due to this very reason for numerous thousands we are the choice.

The flow chart of our software - Business Trake POS Restaurant can be customized according to the customer’s requirement. It works on the “One-Touch” principle that when clicked (after taking order), the mechanism starts and engages every segment e.g order taking – inventory & issuance of stuff - processing in the kitchen – readiness – serving the customer – issuance of automated bills – clearance of the bill - --- Every step is time centric with the bottom line fact of the customer satisfaction. The system works through the touch operation and ends at the touch. Technology-driven Business Trake POS Restaurant software can just trigger the efficiency of your staff in the restaurant business and help grow your business exponentially and efficiently.

Pellucidity and security is the main feature of our software Business Trake POS Restaurant and leaves an impact of peace of mind on you. When you take an order and click, our server station activates the inventory & kitchen simultaneously (connected to the system) and the time gets reduces in back and for, physical movement of the individuals.

VAT Ready

VAT Supported billing, VAT related reports

 Business Trake POS Restaurant system that is targeted at the restaurant industry for the purpose of:

  • Monitoring customer transactions
  • Product inventory levels in single or multiple stores
  • Processing of sales
  • Supporting accounts and analyzing daily traffic flow in each store.
  • Generates POS Invoices with Date and Time of transaction
  • Increases productivity and revenue
  • Exports To MS-Excel
  • Product Photos
  • Touch-Screen Ready
  • Create order and Table by selecting appropriate food menu
  • Customized service charge
  • Table Management as per physical layout
  • Takeaway services
  • Menu update by Admin
  • Multiple Language
  • Multiple users
  • Define user role by admin
  • Set admin privilege
  • Currency Management
  • Waiters Managements
  • Full Product inventory (stock)
  • Daily sales report
  • Purchase and Vander management
  • Split bill or merge bill
  • Item wise sales report
  • Date wise sales report
  • Recipe setting
  • Simple cancel order process upon user access role defined
  • Simple cancel item process upon user access role defined
  • Multiple payment process i.e cash or card
  • Menu creation for instance food service
  • Direct printing in kitchen
  • Create food category
  • Create menu
  • Create table
  • Guest, Entertainment or destroy order
  • Order at Table, Delivery, Eat In and Take Away 
  • Accounting, bank, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance
  • View Online Reports , Software Screens and Live working globally (New)
  • Email to the specific address(s) and send different reports via email on hourly , daily , weekly , monthly basis (auto) (New)
  • Apple , Android , Windows , Black Berry & Others devices , Compatible for all pad machines for order taking. (New)
  • Drive thru or within the restaurant management. (New)
  • Kitchen Management System (New)
  • Kitchen Printing Setup (auto) (New)
  • Easily merge with any web page for taking orders online. (New)
  • Order Que Management via Telephonic Clients or Local clients. (New)

A token from system will generate like Token No 100 for any one client and with token he has the order , we can provide the screen which will display these token and call to the client like Token No 100 you order is ready. This order que management system can easily handle each client and in rush hours you & client will feel enjoy that there will be no more headache to depend on cashiers or waiters.

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Real Space Technologies LLC is a leading provider of innovative IT solutions to corporate and public-sector customers, with special expertise in select markets. The company uses technology — including hardware, software and services — to help customers resolve their most complicated IT needs. The company possesses expertise in enterprise architecture and high availability, infrastructure optimization, storage and resource management, identity management and business stability; and provides in specific software, services and expertise to the retail and hospitality markets.

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